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The label Pangolin Comics is created out of a sense of necessity. These days loads and loads of new comics and artists emerge and the opportunities to get published are very slim. While starting a label of your own poses some difficulties and is far from easy, I havenít regretted it for a moment.

Why the name Pangolin and not Broken Skull, Red Dawn Comics or something like that? Well, as you may or may not know, the pangolin is an adorable little scaled animal. I came accros it during my trip in Namibie. The little bugger inspired me in such a way that I made the logo the minute I got back to Belgium.

The Pangolin, with his neutral character, fits my publishing label like a glove because I donít wanna be just a company that only publishes horrorstories.

Pangolin will be publishing the other episodes of Virus in the near future. New projects are already emerging but I canít get specific about them at this time.