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My name is patrick Cornelis.
Art and drawing have been apart of my life from the very beginning. The studydirections at school as well as my professional career have been heavily influenced by it.

After an art-driven education I went to college at Saint-Luc in Gent where I got my degree in Advertising and Communication. Quickly I realised a profession as an independant graphic desinger was the way to go for me.

This activity as an independant designer forced me to push the love of drawing to the background but since a year or to I rediscoverd the passion and it hit me with the force of a vulcanic eruption. And it hasn’t let me go since.

Although I had several projects I worked on through the years there was always something that was off. Either I didn’t like the work I did on it or the story didn’t really suit me or some other excuse.

With ‘Virus: primary infection’ I finally found a project I was ready to go for. Like a possessed I began developping the story and signed on to the crowdfundingwebsite Sandawe.com. My story and formost my realistic style of drawing got picked up by the investorcommunity and half a year later my first graphic novel is available in the shops today!!!

Currently I am working an the second episode and if everything goes well he will be out at november 2017.

The support of the investors will be crusial once again to make this a succes again. Everyone is welcome to participate. You can find my project her: Virus2: Highborn

Fotografie © Jeroen Hanselaer